Video: Yanks BP while Mets are winning

A Subway Series certainly remains a good possibility given that both New York teams won their first games, but there is a lot of baseball to be played. In the meantime, I thought I would upload a Powershot video here that shows what happens when two New York teams are playing at home on the same day. Here are the Yankees at batting practice, with one eye on the giant scoreboard showing Mets vs. Dodgers from over in Queens. And by the way: We’re in a rain delay, to update the forecast I posted with Joe Torre’s help in the previous entry.

Game 2 Pregame

First, the daily D Train shot, arriving in the Bronx…


Joe Torre just said in his pregame press conference: "We’ve got a couple different forecasts. One that says it’s gonna rain at 8:15 and one that says it’s gonna rain at 9:30. I’d take the first one, but it’s unpredictable." As you can see from this 4 pm photo, it was nothing but beautiful earlier, and 80 degrees. But Mother Nature could be a factor.


Torre also just said that Randy Johnson is likely in the air right now on his way to Detroit after throwing "30 to 35 pitches" today and "everything seemed fine." So all systems go for Big Unit in Game 3. Meanwhile, the Yanks had one eye on the local Mets while taking BP:



Power players: From left, A-Rod, Torre, Cashman, Mattingly, Reggie.


Make sure you check out Big Nate Chew‘s MLBlog that he posted after last night’s Game 1 start for the Tigers, and if you’re a Detroit fan, punch your pin on his Guestmap. More to follow.

What It Felt Like Tuesday Night

Our own multimedia folks at are hard at work around the clock making incredible video available to you, and I will be adding some of my own here in the YouTube world. This is my Canon Powershot panning Yankee Stadium early in the first game of the 2006 MLB postseason. It also was experimental as I never have uploaded an AVI file from this one. All of you who regularly follow Brownie Points, the exceptional MLBlog of my buddy and Red Sox beat writer Ian Browne, will even see part of him.

Game 1: Yankees 8, Tigers 4



What can you say? Someday this New Yorker will be upstate at a gathering in Cooperstown and giving an induction speech, and moments like Tuesday night will race through the minds of those who witnessed his career. Just your average 5-for-5 night in the MROW2 lineup, stellar in the field, and then talking to us about how this probably isn’t going to make everyone back in his former hometown of Kalamazoo, Mich., love him a lot more. Would be interested to see others’ comments here about your favorite Jeter moments and where 2006 ALDS Game 1 ranks.

A little blurry but these happy campers below had just had a Giambino longball smashed into their midst, and I took this from my vantage point during this series in the right field press auxiliary seating. Surprisingly The Baseball Collector was not in this picture.


The Bleacher Creatures were making my camera shake with their "MVP! MVP!" chants.


Speaking of the BC’s, here is a photo I took four hours before the game of the latest fare in BC attire. But the Shop is still the best place to get dressed up.


You can get your high-end action photography at I just wanted to grab a Big Nate Chew shot for posterity since he’s a fellow MLBlogger. Make sure you check out his blog that was posted after the game — great attitude if you’re a Tiger fan.


That’s one in the books. Same place Wednesday, same bat time, rookie stud pitcher Jason Verlander on the bump against The Lineup.

More Game 1 Pregame




Jim Leyland and hitting coach Don Slaught confer while watching Pudge take his licks in BP. I then chatted a bit with Slaught and he said, "We’re one of eight teams to be here — that’s the only thing that matters." Seems a lot of people around New York have written this series off. So far, two road teams have won the two games today. Will the Tigers be next? By the way, you should have seen how far Chris Shelton hit one in BP — off the facade in the top tier down the left field line.

Here are your starting lineups. Might want to keep the Yankees’ version for posterity, just in case.


Granderson CF
Polanco 2B
Casey 1B
Ordonez RF
Guillen SS
Rodriguez C
Monroe LF
Thames DH
Inge 3B

Nate Roberson pitching


Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Sheffield 1B
Giambi DH
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Posada C
Cano 2B

Chien-Ming Wang pitching

Game 1 Pregame

When you step off the D Train with the masses from Manhattan, this signifies that you are about to set foot again in Babe’s former home. It is time again for postseason baseball at this subway exit. It is that way pretty much every year. But never Tigers vs. Yankees in the playoffs. Here we go.


Yes, it will cost you less than 50 bucks to park here!


I always wanted to ask Stan Musial what he thinks of Stan the Man’s, which takes up pretty much a whole block right beside Chez Babe. People were starting to trickle in. It was just about 4 p.m.


Here is today’s real-time weather forecast: Patchy skies, but an unbelievably beautiful October day in New York. It will be warm at game time.


Players arriving to the yard. Maybe someone can help me with the ID on this one.


Game 2 starter Justin Verlander just said here in his press conference that he didn’t see the Zito-Santana duel today. Someone asked him if he had watched. "I was out shopping in New York," he said. Where did he go shopping? "A little Saks, a little Fifth Avenue, just wherever. Just walking around. I didn’t buy anything there. I was just looking."

Joe Torre will be in the interview room at 6:30, followed by Mike Mussina.

For all those people who hate the Yankees, Jim Leyland doesn’t share your sentiment. He said he wishes he did, but he even told his players today that he can’t find a motivation to hate the Yankees. He rattled off a list of reasons, mostly that "they play the game the way it should be played." He said he wishes they had headhunted in the past so he could hate them. He said Torre’s a personal friend, Sheffield played for him, Tony Pena played for him, likes Giambi, one reason after another. "I just want to say that I’m a Yankee fan," Leyland said. Yes, Detroit, he said. Yes, America, he said that. Now we’ll see what happens after they start playing.

Workout Day Part II

OK, so my unofficial scientific research shows that half of baseball fans are rooting for some particular team in this postseason and the other half are rooting for someone to beat the Yankees. I was thinking about that as I walked out of Yankee Stadium today. I suppose much of it is simply envy. It just doesn’t stop. Consider this. I was leaving to find a McDonald’s, and at that point a guy comes running by in his workout gear after doing miles around The House That Ruth Built, and then I see that it’s Brian Cashman and he just smiles as he completes his run. Even their general manager is in great shape and makes you kind of envious. It’s just that way here.

Here are more images from my Canon Powershot at:


As you can see, it was 2:21 and the Bombers were winding up their workout. Donnie Baseball is second from the left, and it’s good to see him in this series. We played against each other in high school in Evansville, Indiana. He played for Memorial and I played for Central. Once I caught two of his flies to center on his turf. Once he struck me out several times. I think he is still wearing the same glove in this picture…it was one of the oldest-looking gloves I’ve ever seen — awesome. He is still a forever crowd favorite here and perhaps he finally will get his ring.


Joe Torre is blessed with one of the scariest lineups in history. After his appearance here, Jim Leyland followed soon thereafter and deadpanned about the Yankees’ lineup-making decisions, "I am sure that Joe Torre is a little bit more relaxed than I am."


I like Chien-Ming Wang. He was standing at the back of the room while Torre was talking, and then Torre got up to exit. On his way out he could tell that his Game 1 starter, the tall 19-game winner from Taiwan, was uneasy approaching his trip to meet the press. "You’re not comfortable — they’re all your friends!" Then a reporter asked Wang as he sat here below, "Nervous?" The reply: "On the field, no. In here? Yes." He said a lot of friends are coming from Taiwan to watch his start. Quite a change from last March, when he was pitching for Chinese-Taipei in the World Baseball Classic.


And here’s my fellow MLBlogger, the master of the Rally Chew, the creator of Gum Time…"Original Nate" Robertson. I created his GuestMap for him and he has just a few people around the world sticking pins in it if you go to his blog. Now he was right here in front of me and telling everyone that he knew things were better today when teammates were "ragging on each other" on the bus. It was fun again today. It was not fun being swept by KC. He’s the Game 1 starter. And he also is blogging the whole distance, along with a multitude of new player MLBlogs.


I looked up as I walked down the tunnel leading from the Yankees’ clubhouse to their dugout, and saw what every single Yankee sees every day here…


I don’t know about you, but I have never seen anyone violate this sign that hangs right out front near the players/press main entrance. Especially in the right field bleachers.  😉


Another Babe-walked-here corridor shot in the bowels of Yankee Stadium…


Please leave comments with your own thoughts on the series and on this ALDS blog, and what you want to see. Will be trying to push the envelope here and take you way inside. And thanks to the airlines today for helping me change that flight from New York to Minneapolis…wasn’t expecting to have to change that one but you never know with baseball. It’s Tigers at Yankees. In the postseason. For the first time. Ever. Babe and Ty could never have imagined it.

Now this is a first


Welcome to the Tigers vs. Yankees ALDS. Friends all over the MLBlogosphere will be joining us and hopefully you are blogging as well. This is a unique opportunity simply because the Tigers and Yankees never have met in a postseason before. Obviously that could not have happened for much of baseball history, but Detroit is in its first postseason since 1987 and that was before the expansion of the format to include Division Series. So here we are, two legendary and proud franchises and let’s get this blog started in hopes of producing a lot of firsts.

First, the basics. The Yanks closed their clubhouse early for a meeting and they are about to take the field for a 1 p.m. workout here. Then someone from the club is at the podium in the interview room at 1:30, and word has it that the Tigers’ clubhouse will open sometime after 2. It was very curious to walk by their clubhouse and see all of those Detroit jerseys hanging in Yankee Stadium during October. Not a sight anyone has ever seen.

OK, let’s open with some unique perspectives on the ageless wonder that is Yankee Stadium, since we are talking about history here. This is a photo I’ve always wanted to take and post. Through this passageway once walked Babe Ruth. And even Ty Cobb, whose last season in the AL was ’28. It leads you to the clubhouses.


This is the bullpen phone Jim Leyland will be using…


And this is the bullpen phone Joe Torre will be using…


The Tigers will need to fill this with very heavy lumber to keep up with MRow2…


Never realized that these rules were posted so prominently in the visitor’s dugout…


I asked these folks if it is harder these days to paint these very detailed postseason logos, knowing how basic they used to be in the old days. They told me that the hardest one here was the 2000 World Series, because the logo stretched from the edge of the grass at the third base line to the edge of the grass in front of the visitor’s dugout…apparently that was a ******* and maybe someone can post a comment with a link to a photo of it.


OK, time to move on to the players. Just wanted to start off with a welcome, and hello again to regular readers of my MLBlogosphere blog from the past year and a half. Leave lots of comments and keep me company, and let me know what you want to see.

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