Game 1 Pregame

When you step off the D Train with the masses from Manhattan, this signifies that you are about to set foot again in Babe’s former home. It is time again for postseason baseball at this subway exit. It is that way pretty much every year. But never Tigers vs. Yankees in the playoffs. Here we go.


Yes, it will cost you less than 50 bucks to park here!


I always wanted to ask Stan Musial what he thinks of Stan the Man’s, which takes up pretty much a whole block right beside Chez Babe. People were starting to trickle in. It was just about 4 p.m.


Here is today’s real-time weather forecast: Patchy skies, but an unbelievably beautiful October day in New York. It will be warm at game time.


Players arriving to the yard. Maybe someone can help me with the ID on this one.


Game 2 starter Justin Verlander just said here in his press conference that he didn’t see the Zito-Santana duel today. Someone asked him if he had watched. "I was out shopping in New York," he said. Where did he go shopping? "A little Saks, a little Fifth Avenue, just wherever. Just walking around. I didn’t buy anything there. I was just looking."

Joe Torre will be in the interview room at 6:30, followed by Mike Mussina.

For all those people who hate the Yankees, Jim Leyland doesn’t share your sentiment. He said he wishes he did, but he even told his players today that he can’t find a motivation to hate the Yankees. He rattled off a list of reasons, mostly that "they play the game the way it should be played." He said he wishes they had headhunted in the past so he could hate them. He said Torre’s a personal friend, Sheffield played for him, Tony Pena played for him, likes Giambi, one reason after another. "I just want to say that I’m a Yankee fan," Leyland said. Yes, Detroit, he said. Yes, America, he said that. Now we’ll see what happens after they start playing.



    Call it superstition if you wish. But, I believe Yankee fans were punished in 2004 because they classlessly, a word seldom associated with being a Yankee, or even a Yankee fan, reciprocated the hatred Red Sox Fans had developed over 86 years for them. Punished with a comeback never before achieved throughout all of baseball history!

    Yes. I believe hatred is punished. Think of it! Could Red Sox fans have been denied a World Championship – for 86 years – because of Yankee hatred? A case can be made that throughout history, the Yankees were beaten by teams by whom they were respected – not hated. That would seem, given Leyland?s eloquently and graciously expressed attitude last night, to give the Tigers a shot this year. Besides having a heck of a team!

    Unfortunately for the Tigers, while Yankee pitching isn?t what it was in the ?90’s, they have their greatest lineup since 1927. Combined with a Yankee 5-2 season record against the Tigers, home field advantage and a 5 year World Championship drought, I?m predicting an ALDS Yankee victory. (Though, as a Yankee fan, I admit being biased.)

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