Game 2 Pregame

First, the daily D Train shot, arriving in the Bronx…


Joe Torre just said in his pregame press conference: "We’ve got a couple different forecasts. One that says it’s gonna rain at 8:15 and one that says it’s gonna rain at 9:30. I’d take the first one, but it’s unpredictable." As you can see from this 4 pm photo, it was nothing but beautiful earlier, and 80 degrees. But Mother Nature could be a factor.


Torre also just said that Randy Johnson is likely in the air right now on his way to Detroit after throwing "30 to 35 pitches" today and "everything seemed fine." So all systems go for Big Unit in Game 3. Meanwhile, the Yanks had one eye on the local Mets while taking BP:



Power players: From left, A-Rod, Torre, Cashman, Mattingly, Reggie.


Make sure you check out Big Nate Chew‘s MLBlog that he posted after last night’s Game 1 start for the Tigers, and if you’re a Detroit fan, punch your pin on his Guestmap. More to follow.

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