Game 4 Pregame – Colors of October


Perfect day for Game 4 as you can see above in 2 p.m. ET shot outside Comerica Park. The major news here is that A-Rod is hitting eighth. And Melky is in, Giambi is out. That tells you all you need to know about the shocking turn of developments in this American League Division Series.

Expect to see a lot of orange today…


Waiting to welcome a tremendous throng (which is now making the stadium shake again as I am typing this at the start of the game)…


You have to love the Mini-Donuts stand right behind home plate. Enjoyed my brunch…


It’s a baseball town again. You also can find these goodies here if you don’t want to stand in line.



Jim Leyland before the game: "We’re
not going to do anything different. We’re going to see how the game develops, and obviously we’re going to
do the same thing the Yankees are going to do. They are going to do everything they can to win it, and we’re going to
do everything we can to win it."

Joe Torre before the game: "We obviously don’t feel good about ourselves and we know what
we’re capable of doing and we have to go out there and do it. Yeah,
you hope the experience helps you, you really do. Again, I don’t care how much you’ve played
this game, and how successful you’ve been, that taste of losing is never a nice
taste. So you really have to reverse it,
and we have to do something about that today against a very good team."

Pregame video, about an hour and a half before first pitch as the Yankees were taking BP:

OK, Game 4 is on. There was a really nice moment of silence before the game for Buck O’Neil. We’re going to miss him.



    I’m a 35 year Yankee fan and I’m disgusted with this team. They’re pathetic. They have the best talent 1-9 than any other team in the major leagues, hands down and they can’t beat the Tigers. A team that backed into the playoffs and who doesn’t deserve to be on the same field with the Yanks. A team the Yanks beat 5 out of 7 and actually should have been 7 out of 7 during the season. Some of the attitudes on this team are terrible. I’ll say it, A-ROD makes Me sick. He can have all his HRs, MVPs and regular season accolades, but, he is a pathetic post season performer. Until he produces in the post season, he won’t impress me. I’m also sick of his sensitivities, boo hoo. For $25 million a year, he best buck up and stop being a mary. Derek Jeter is the ultimate performer in my book and I’ll take him over A-Rod in the clutch when the game is on the line any day of the week. People like to talk about the Yankees age and their pitching staff, personally, age doesn’t mean anything to me if you can play and I think their pitching staff from top to bottom is comparible to any other staff in the majors. They just didn’t produce the way they’re capable of this time. I’d like to commend Melky Cabrera on his play this year. He’s one main reason we were in the playoffs and I certainly won’t forget that. He was booed out of the stadium last year and he came back with a vengeance. I love the Melk man. All this high priced talent and we can’t win, go figure. I really thought the addition of Bobby Abreu was going to lead us to the promised land once again, but, not this year. I have to admit, six years now without a title is irritating. Having been in 2 WS since 2000 and losing both really annoys me, especially since both teams they lost to were not as talented. Throw in the fact that we let the hated Red Sox make history by beating us 4 straight and then winning the WS. That disgusts me. I’m going to stop right now and continue shortly. To whom it may concern, I’d like the press and the Yankees to see this post if that is possible. Let them know the true feelings of a true Yankee fan who lives right in the middle of Red Sox nation.

  2. Arielle

    “Memo to driver’s ed students: Do not attempt to take pictures like this these while driving on the highway with three hours’ sleep. . . . unless Nugent is playing loudly. Of course, you probably never have heard of Nugent, hence the Wikipedia link.”

    10 and 2, Mark! Um, yeah, who’s Nugent? I do like Pink Floyd and The Doors though.

    Resident 16-year old,



    To the “35 year Yankee fan”:

    Dude, the Tigers backed into the playoffs? What have you been smoking? A team that had the ML best record for the majority of the summer, lead the ML in ERA from start to finish, and did it largly with a TEAM of rookies and veterans didn’t back in anywhere. They had a season ending 5 game losing streak and play in the same division as the Twins. You may have heard of them, they’ve taken the central the last four or so years out of the last five, and won something like 39 out of their last 51 games to finish the season. The problem with the Yanks is you can’t buy heart. You may be a “true” Yankee fan pal, but you are no baseball fan. If you were, you might still (well, probably would) trash your team like you have, but you might just give Detroit their due for showing up and getting the job done. That’s called class.


    I totally agree with you niebs.

    He might be a yankee fan but a true yankee fan wouldnt bash their team just because they lost. You cant blame everything on arod, it was the whole team that stunk!! That error that they called on arod in game 4 should have been given to sheffield because if he was standing in the right position then he could have caught it. They played a little shakey all year and some people didnt even think that they were going to win the east division (but i certaintly did think they would win because i saw their effort.) I think the cancilation of game 2 really didnt help them either, they didnt get a day off and that is something that helps the yanks get good results!! Well they lost and thats it, i think everyone should just leave them alone!! The tigers played very well and the yanks couldnt produce and this is the result. Im not saying that i like it cuz i dont!! Im a huge yankee fan and have been since i was 2 years old. Well all we yankee fans have to look forward to the great year that the yankees will have in 2007 and also dont forget about the good things that the yanks have accomplished this year!! You also cant say that the yankees are a bad team because if they were then they could have gone as far as they did; and you yankees fans shouldnt forget that!!

    Looking forward to spring of 2007!!


    The most expensive players are not always the best. I’d trade anyone except Jeter for a Paul O’Neil in his prime. REBUILD. Playoffs always come down to pitching. Even the best hitters can be shut down. Just ask Kenny Rodgers.
    Good luck to the Tigers, and Hooray Wild Card!! If it wasnt for it, that may have been the biggest division title choke in history. But without the WC where we get all our WS champions?


    Go all the Way—- Tigers.
    Great TEAM Effort.

    Cudos to an OUTSTANDING Pitching Effort by Jeremy Bonderman. Detroit needed this!

    The only negative thing I had to say about game 4 was “What would it have hurt the Tigers to let Bonderman finish the game with the lead that they had?” Would have been a career exclamation point in Bonderman’s life. One could see that the team was behind him 110% especially after the outstanding diving catch in left field by Monroe to get the first out in the ninth. I don’t think he could have done any worse than Jamie Walker coming in and giving up the home run ball. Bonderman still had his stuff even in the 9 th inning. Congrats to Bonderman. Bonderman U should be proud. Keep up the good pitching.


    Hey tsydlow…I agree totally. I just think Leyland just put him in for the 9th to be able to take him out for that walk to the dugout – so he could get his due for the game he had pitched. Classy move by Leyland that many managers have done in the past. I do think Bonderman would have liked to finish though.


    Excellant pitching.No hitting.Bottom line you need to get guys out.Yankees couldn’t do either.Yankee fans need to get off of A-Rods case.Jeter needs to step up and support A-Rod next season.He can’t sit pretty and be silent any longer.Arod will hit with confidence.True Yankee fans should stand behind him.We need to get pitching .Everything will be okay then.

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