More Game 1 Pregame




Jim Leyland and hitting coach Don Slaught confer while watching Pudge take his licks in BP. I then chatted a bit with Slaught and he said, "We’re one of eight teams to be here — that’s the only thing that matters." Seems a lot of people around New York have written this series off. So far, two road teams have won the two games today. Will the Tigers be next? By the way, you should have seen how far Chris Shelton hit one in BP — off the facade in the top tier down the left field line.

Here are your starting lineups. Might want to keep the Yankees’ version for posterity, just in case.


Granderson CF
Polanco 2B
Casey 1B
Ordonez RF
Guillen SS
Rodriguez C
Monroe LF
Thames DH
Inge 3B

Nate Roberson pitching


Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Sheffield 1B
Giambi DH
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Posada C
Cano 2B

Chien-Ming Wang pitching


  1. Lola

    i love these behind the scenes pics Mark! =)
    I am so nervous watching the game, even before it started. LOL, postseason anxiety at its best!

    Oh oh, Ordonez just doubled :-/

  2. Lola

    I wish i could be there Mark. I didnt get any post season tickets 😥
    All i’m left with is watching it in my living room, fidgeting while biting my fingernails till they bleed and screaming at my TV. lol

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