Game 1: Yankees 8, Tigers 4



What can you say? Someday this New Yorker will be upstate at a gathering in Cooperstown and giving an induction speech, and moments like Tuesday night will race through the minds of those who witnessed his career. Just your average 5-for-5 night in the MROW2 lineup, stellar in the field, and then talking to us about how this probably isn’t going to make everyone back in his former hometown of Kalamazoo, Mich., love him a lot more. Would be interested to see others’ comments here about your favorite Jeter moments and where 2006 ALDS Game 1 ranks.

A little blurry but these happy campers below had just had a Giambino longball smashed into their midst, and I took this from my vantage point during this series in the right field press auxiliary seating. Surprisingly The Baseball Collector was not in this picture.


The Bleacher Creatures were making my camera shake with their "MVP! MVP!" chants.


Speaking of the BC’s, here is a photo I took four hours before the game of the latest fare in BC attire. But the Shop is still the best place to get dressed up.


You can get your high-end action photography at I just wanted to grab a Big Nate Chew shot for posterity since he’s a fellow MLBlogger. Make sure you check out his blog that was posted after the game — great attitude if you’re a Tiger fan.


That’s one in the books. Same place Wednesday, same bat time, rookie stud pitcher Jason Verlander on the bump against The Lineup.



    excellent excellent

    it gives us folks who can’t go to Yankee Stadium an awesome feel for what it would be like to be there

    great job you’re doing, thx!


    Nice pictures, Mark. I did not know this was here until you mentioned it in Mark F.’s blog.



    I think by far the greatest Jeterian play I have ever seen, was the relay throw he made in the series against the A’s in 2001 to nail Giambi at the plate. Where the **** did he come from? Outta nowhere! You can’t teach that kind of baseball. Pure instinct & heart! And the fact that, that very play would be key in escaping elimination makes it even more of a classic!

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