Game 2 Pregame (Again)

We begin with the Daily D Train Shot. . . .


And here is my daily YouTube upload for you from Yankee Stadium. Thought that a little caliope music from out front of the Press Gate/Players Entrance would set the mood.

Forecast for today’s 1:09 pm ET game: PERFECT. That storm that finally arrived brought with it cool temps from the north, so we’re in the 60s.


Ron Guidry was just asked about a Yankees Game 4 starter and he replied, "I haven’t gotten that far yet."

Jim Leyland was asked if Justin Verlander got some sleep, and he said, "I don’t know, I don’t bunk with him."

Fans are rolling back in, carrying the same tickets they brought with them here last night. A car took me home from the park at midnight, and we were sloshing through puddles all over streets and passing emergency rescue vehicles en masse. You can see why MLB and the clubs made the decision they did — it was an onimous blob on the radar screen. Even though, yes, we could have played close to a whole game last night with some annoying spritz. Better safe than sorry was the decision. Now we’re back and gametime is creeping up.

Final look back at what last night felt like for more than 50,000 people here:


One comment


    I have been a Yankee fan for over 50 years. Never have I seen a Yankee team play such pathetic baseball. The Yankees need to improve the pitching (suggestion for 2 possibles: Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt). While I can appreciate the job Joe Torre did this year I can also understand the mindset for a new manager who can get something going on the basepaths and generate a little more excitement.

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