Game 2: Tigers 4, Yankees 3


Justin Verlander must have slept just fine. Who cares if he threw 10 soft-tosses before word got to him last night about the weather? He was pure pre-Zumaya gas until slowing down to 92 and being taken out by Jim Leyland with the 1-1 count, and the rookie is a 1-0 postseason pitcher now. Marcus Thames said he still has plenty of Yankee memorabilia from his days in the organization, but he just went 3-for-4 with two runs and an RBI as another of Detroit’s young catalysts. Thames is now 6-for-7 all-time against Mike Mussina, explaining that he just stays aggressive against the Moose.

Was that the last Yankee home game? That’s the thing about short series — you never know. One minute the Yankees are spectacularly dominant against a club some people said shouldn’t be here — and the next minute, you’re a Yankees fan just hoping you see your guys again in 2006. Now it goes to Detroit with no off-day for Game 3 on Friday and Game 4 on Saturday, then a Game 5 if needed right back here. It’s a series, and watching Zoom throw heat is second to nothing. Or  maybe the Yanks go to Detroit, win behind Big Unit and then take it the next day. It’s a series.

Joe Torre just announced that Jaret Wright is his Game 4 starter. Torre said not to look at A-Rod’s 0-fer, Cano’s early struggle — focusing instead on fabulous Detroit pitching.

Leyland just called it "a great playoff game." And he said the thing he is happiest about is, "I hope in my heart that everybody realizes we are a playoff team, and I hope we proved that today."

Yep, at 103 mph.



    AWESOME game!!! I snuck out every break @ work to listen on the radio! It’s so great to see Detroit getting the recognition they deserve…Heck, remember 2003? WHAT 2003!? GO TIGERS–THE ROAR IS RESTORED!! LET’S TAKE THE YANKEES DOWN AT HOME!!! The delay from yesterday really ******, as I could have WATCHED the whole game, maybe the majors’ officials could take a lesson from our own MSU who played an ENTIRE game thru the rain!! GO GREEN!


    It’s time for Alex Rod. to sit the bench. Strking out with bases loaded is not an option. I’ts about time a high priced yahoo sits the bench. Maybe it will wake up the rest of the deadwood on this team.


    The Yankees are finished. With No pitching to speak up and A-Rods performance the Yankees are simply going through the motions. Tigers in 4.


    I don’t like the Yankees. My ex-wife was a yankee fan and she was from Long Island. I disrespect George for meddling with Drew Henson, while he was a QB for Michigan. He did it for his old alma mater. Georgie is a spoiled little brat like the Donald. They need to have the best to feed their bottomless egos….. George’s sphincter contraction right now serves him right….. I know all you yankee fans are starting to pucker a little…..

  5. Jay

    I just saw the Tigers bandwagon roll by a minute ago. A lot more people just got on for the ride!




    I hardley think the Yankees are finished. After all 26 world championships in thier history speaks for itself. Granted A-Rod needs to step back and evaulate where hes at, but the team itself is far from finished. Like any good team you have to take your beats to learn from it and get better. They arent struggling that much.
    As for deadwood I would not consider Abrau deadwood or Shefields ability to come back from the disabled list and do as well as he has. Same holds true for Cano. I mean lets be realistic people.

    Anyone that knows the Yankees knows what I am saying. I believe there will be a game 5 but time will tell. Either way I am a die hard Yanks fan.

  7. Jeff

    First, let me start by saying that I am a lifelong and devoted Red Sox fan as well as a devoted fan of the game itself. And let me add that – though the Sox had an unprecedented rash of key injuries to overcome – the Yankees were a better team this season, which will not be the case in 2007.

    Anyway, with those facts out of the way, I must say that I am ecstatic about today’s win by the Tigers. Yankees fans are likely very concerned, and with good reason. The series it tied, and the next two starters for the Yankees are Randy Johnson (who is a shell of his former self) and Jaret Wright (just like Cory Lidle, I’m I’m a MLB hitter, I can’t see enough of Wright).

    What seemed to be an easy series for the Yankees is now a challenge. The Yankees will have to slug to win, since their starting pitching is subpar, and their bullpen in not dependable (outside of Rivera and maybe Bruney). The Tigers have an exceptional bullpen, which will likely be needed with Kenny Rogers on the mound.

    It will be very good for baseball if the Tigers win this series. The Yankees, with all of Steinbrenner’s resources from being in the largest city in the United States, have an unlimited payroll and no excuse for not fielding the best team year in and year out. Not even the Red Sox, who I admit are far from a small market team, have the resources to spend with the Yankees. So if the Yankees can buy any player they want – and can plug any hole at the trading deadline – they should be held to a different set of expectations. It is an accomplishment for most teams to reach even the ALDS, much less the ALCS. If the Yankees do not win the AL each year, then their fans should hang their heads in frustration because their team has no excuse not to win.

    What amazes me is, with all of the financial resources, the Yankees have a pitching staff with only one solid starter (Wang). Mussina is very hittable, Johnson is subpar and Lidle and Wright are inconsistent and very, very hittable. The middle and long relief is subpar as well.

    Pitching wins championships. The Yankees should get by the Tigers, but the A’s will be waiting for them. The A’s have the starting pitching and bullpen to minimize the damage from the Yankees bats. And they have enough offense to win. Of course, I hope the Yankees are disposed of by the Tigers. An ALDS series loss is very disgraceful to a team with unlimited resources.


    I do believe the Yankees bullpen is some to be desired at the moment it seems but like any other fan you must always stand by them win/lose/or draw. I am nervous about Johnson’s start and haven’t heard much about Cone lately I thought he had been traded actually. thats how little I have heard about him. Yes I would be disappointed if they wash out in the ADLS but it’s happened before. We know this. Things happen unfortunately but none the less I’m behind them despite the obvious wows at the moment. I doubt I’d hang my head, I’m a Yanks fan. Move on to next season and get it worked out would be my thoughts.


    Thank you jimmy16686!! Look so they lost today!! There is a tomorrow and I look forward to it.I do wonder about RJ pitching tomorrow b/c I honestly do not know who will show up. But b/c my glass is always half full…I truly belive in this team eveen A-Rod. When it’s all over I think you doubters will never doubt again. Remember people lose games in the playoffs and go on to win the series. Also remember that this is a best of 5 series.


    Jimmy16686 just to let you know Cone has been retired for 3 years now. He has done some work on their TV station(YES. O…to all reading I am truly sorry for the spelling of believe and even. Sometimes I don’t check what I write.


    Eat your heart out Red Sox fans. I wonder if Schilling and the boys are enjoying their time on the golf course? At any rate, isn’t Boston the team with the highest salary payout not to make a postseason appearance?(In the history of baseball) Theo Epstein is dreaming of working for the Yankees so he might have another chance at postseason play. Red Sox fans always have a ton of excuses for why their teams historically tank during the fall.Go Yankees!


    A-Rod Blew IT! He had bases loaded and fanned. He is making too many bucola’s to not step up his performance in the playoffs.


    I guess this just prooves that the tigers DO deserve to be in the playoffs…

    i’ve been a tigers fan my whole life (all 18 years) and it is the most amazing feeling FINALLY seeing the tigers not only be in the playoffs but compete as well.

    let the bandwagon fans jump on, it wont take long before they hop off…it isn’t easy being a fan of detroit sports. Thank god the tigers are doing their part to lighten the load on us


    Of course all the red sox fans will be pulling for the tigers, trying to make a rational reason why the yankees should lose against the Tigers.

    Truth is the yankees should spank the tigers tonight. Ok, Randy hasn’t done well in division series games and he isn’t at 100%. But have you seen the numbers the yankee hitters put up against Kenny Rogers. Rogers is even worse in postseason starts (0-3) with over an 8.00 era… in 9 starts…..

    Having that said the yankees should be able to outslug the tigers in game 3.

    Bonderman who has also had very bad luck against the yankees is the starter for game 4.

    Yankees should take this series in 4….

    And boston fans…. you don’t even deserve to watch the baseball playoffs. You are pathetic.


    “A-Rod Blew IT! He had bases loaded and fanned.”

    No he struck out looking at an 87 mph curveball after just missing 2 100+ mph fastballs… did you watch the game?


    Im sick of people sticking up for A-rod, hes a grown man. Let him put up or shut up. Meaning one more seaon to prove he more than a liability at third and at the plate with risp. If he blows it ship him to a less stressful city where he may thrive. If he cant handle the pressure of the media and the fans go to KC im positive he’ll have no problem staying well below the radar there. **** if i have to put up with the stress of watching the team with the best record in baseball get beat by a team that lost the last 30 something games out of 50 then he should be able to handle a little media pressure. Or just not play so horrible in key games, and maybe they will leave him be and move onto other worthless yankees like the man that used to be Randy Johnson.

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